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Prima conferenza internazionale dei geografi anarchici

Cari compagni,

l’anno prossimo si terrà a Massenzatico la prima conferenza internazionale dei geografi anarchici. Incollo per il momento il call for papers ufficiale: nuovi materiali completi di traduzione italiana compariranno sul sito

 Federico Ferretti

«1st International Conference of Anarchist Geographies and Geographers (ICAGG 2017) – Geography, social change and antiauthoritarian practices

 Reggio Emilia (Italy) - Centro Studi Cucine del Popolo, via Beethoven 78/e, 21-23 September 2017

(…) In light of the flourishing of anarchist geographies, we propose to organize an independent international conference, to be repeated in different countries every 2 or 3 years, to create a space for scholars and militants interested in these topics (…). We invite especially, but not exclusively, critical anarchic geographical contributions on:

* What are anarchist geographies and what are their tasks?

* Which relations between anarchism and the most current critical/theoretical approaches used in geographical scholarship, i.e. postmodernism and post-structuralism, critical modernities, post-colonialism, more-than-human geographies, actor-network theory, non-representational theories, feminism, gender and queer theories, Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionnality, qualitative and quantitative methods etc.?

* Problematizing the relations between anarchism, rationalism, Enlightenment and modernity.

* Anarchist geographies and counter-cartography. Maps and spaces of liberation.

* Anarchist geographies and Indigenous movements.

* Anarchism and the environment: mesology, natural philosophies and the idea of progress.

* Anarchist geographies in practice: experiences from grassroots movements, local and international struggles, histories and geographies of resistance.

* Anti-statist, post-statist and not statist geographies: anarchism and the idea of territory.

* Anarchism, federalism and the concept of geographical scale: cities, regions and the global.

* Anti-racist, anti-colonial and internationalist geographies.

* Anarchist geographies, cosmopolitanism and multilingualism: which challenges to nationalist and parochial academies?

* Anarchism and geographies of war and peace.

* Anarchism and geographies of violence and non-violence.

* Anarchist geographies of education and deschooling.

* Geographies of secularisation and free-thinking.

 * Anarchist geopolitics.

 * Historical geographies of anarchism.

 * Anarchist geographies and geographers in the history and philosophy of geography.

 * Historical figures of anarchist geographers and their interdisciplinary connections: histories of transnational anarchism, anarchist anthropologies, political theory and political philosophy.

To attend the conference, please send an abstract of maximum 250 words at the address scientific_committee by February 1st 2017. The preferred conference’s language is English (…). Further information will be provided by e-mail and through the site

Practical information: for information on travel, accommodation and any other practical query (need for childcare, dietary requirements etc.), please write to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.»


Prima conferenza dei geografici anarchici: 21-23 settembre 2017 - Cenerentola Info
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